Remembering Wayne Dyer and Synchronicity

 Have you heard the number 8 represents infinity?
I learned from Wayne Dyer that he liked the number 18 because he said with the one in front of the eight,
it means being one with the infinite.
Its been just a little over a week since he passed away, and upon more reflection of my writings in my
Golf Goddess book around his work, the number 18 played a part to inspired me.

What I wish to draw your attention to is the last chapter in my book..

“in 2008 I watched one of his PBS shows.

Wayne mentioned,” he was completing the book called Inspiration and that he wanted it to have 18 chapters because he believes 18 is a very significant number.”

My book has 18 chapters for 18 holes in golf.

“The number 8 is a symbol for infinity and he defines it by viewing when you put a one in front of the 8 then you are ‘being at one with the infinite.’ 

He told how the Bagavad Gita, India’s Holy book, has 18 chapters ( I had just wrote about the movie the Legend of Bagger Vance is based on the Bagavad Gita,

He went on to mention how a Golf Course has 18 holes.  What was even more significant was that his desire was to finish the book on his birthday ,

May 10th, which is my birthday as well!

ImageProxy (1)

(The above photo says “We are not our bodies, our possessions, or our careers. Who we are is Divine Love and that is Infinite” Dr Wayne Dyer 1940- 2015)

The meaningful coincidences with a symbol of the number 18 came back again

with the Crowdfunding I am running at the moment, I took a few pictures;

Photo 1– I began this Project Aug 18th and it will end Sept 18th


Photo 2– When I heard of Wayne’s passing and our campaign had 18 days to go.



We are re-inspired, Because the real message is Oneness with the symbol of the number 18. The Goddess speaks in signs and symbols and the significance of the meaning of the number cannot be denied.

If a man with the same birthday, who writes spiritual books can reach millions, why not a woman?

This is my aim that I write at my crowdfunding page..


Our desire is to reach the Millions of women who have played golf and have lost interest. We wish to invite women to play again in a new way. In a more connected, peaceful, passionate way of playing, tailored just for them. Many women lost ambition to continue playing because they learned to play the traditional way, which stems from of the intellect and competition. The Golf Goddess way is pearls of wisdom and stringing together what we have learned by playing in deep connection. We have seen what women are yearning for, its connection; to sisterhood, the earth, animals, the elements, to their own heart and intuition, Connection with a higher source to guide them.

To see our  Big Vision, visit the Indigogo Campaign site Let’s Ignite Golfing Goddesses

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Remembering Wayne Dyer and the Gift of Mother Mary he sparked within me

Today it is with a heavy heart I write this post.

I found out on Sunday night, that my spiritual mentor Dr. Wayne Dyer Died.

I’ve been in reflection ..from Shock, to Sorrow, now to Service
I’m sharing A Higher Vision with a Campaign I have going..
Today I made a video …Me, Mother Mary, Wayne Dyer a 20 year connection

 Watch on Indiegogo

A Higher Vision has become Clear, on the Connecting links of Wayne Dyer, Mother Mary, the Divine Feminine Energy, and me. .a 20 year journey and I wrote so much about it already in my golf goddess book.

If you are familiar with his work he always talked about ‘living in the infinite’ now.  I remember he taught that since we are ‘infinite’ and would be going to the ‘infinite’ we should stay in that energy now.

ImageProxy (1)


In his honour and at this hour, I come forth to Share, that it was Wayne that began me on the Goddess Path..which turned into bringing Her energy to Golf..

I wrote about him a couple of times in my book, “How to Become a Golf Goddess” and the connection of our paths crossing.

At the beginning of my book,

I record that, in 1995  Mother Mary came to me in the middle of the Night after I had spent a whole Day with Wayne Dyer.

Excerpt from my book-

In the middle of the Night
I became conscious of a voice in my mind, which said to me, “Everyone loves God but no one loves Mary”.
From some place inside myself, another
voice of mine answered, “I will”.
Then a wave of Love so strong came over me, it
had me sitting bolt upright and gasping for breath I was so scared, it took my breath
Actually I was terrified and couldn’t go back to sleep. I was still with my ex-
husband and he slept through the whole thing, which I found unbelievable because
it seemed like a lighting bolt came right through the room.
But the experience didn’t end that night, over the next couple of months,
just out -of -the blue; people would start sharing experiences they had with Mary.
For example they would say,
they read a book on Mother Mary and would lend it to me, this happened a couple
of times and it wasn’t always friends who knew me or about my experience.
I have since learned Mother Mary can be interpreted into the Goddess, Queen
of Heaven, like Inanna before her, but being raised Catholic I am interpreting Spirit’s
message to me that the feminine form had to be one I could associate with at the
time. As I started my research about Mary I also saw her as Isis; how she was here
well before Christianity gave her the name Mary.
Not until 1999 did I start to play in the energy of the Divine Feminine
I remembered some part of me said “I would love the Goddess (Mary)” and
so I created a Goddess Yoga program as a way to honor her. I hoped I would learn
more about the Goddess by others who came and took the class.
My first yoga teacher used to say, “We teach what we most need to learn.”
And I needed to learn about this
energy before I could fully embrace it.
The next blog I will write on Remembering Wayne Dyer and how he connected me to the Infinite with the number 18..One with the Infinite.
Call to action, with a stronger intent to ignite others with this flame  from Wayne ,of Divine Feminine and anchor it around the world
See how the Campaign on Indiegogo has Turned a Corner to Share the Flame of Wayne,

This is important work to pass on the Flame he ignited..

A new Call to Action to carry the Flame forward…around the world ❤

Keep sharing the Love ..


Margarit xoxo

I wonder how many of my readers have been influenced by Wayne Dyer?

Comment below how he has touched your life?

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Golfing Goddesses want to make the first Women’s Spiritual Golf Documentary

We have embarked on a Big project to use Indiegogo to Crowdfund  for the first Women’s Spiritual Golf Documentary
Meet the golfing Goddesses
A New Documentary of playing golf more from the Heart than the Head!
One of our goals is to see if we can also Grow the Game?? Our desire is to reach the Millions of women who have played golf and have lost interest. We wish to invite women back, to learn about this peaceful, passionate way of playing, tailored just for them. Many women lost ambition to continue playing because they learned to play the traditional way, which stems from of the intellect and competition. The Golf Goddess way is pearls of wisdom and stringing together what we have learned by playing in deep connection. We have seen what women are yearning for, its connection; to sisterhood, the earth, animals, the elements, to their own heart and intuition, Connection with a higher source to guide them.  ( You can help us reach them, by sharing our Vision.

We are Crowdfunding in FOUR AREAS to Get us Going and Cameras Rolling;


The First step could begin in 30 days when this Campaign ends.

Funding for the Pilot Project to get golfing goddesses, Margarit Brigham and Georgina Longbottom, going on the first step of starting the documentary themselves, in Hawaii Sept 2015

Our Vision is To be in Hawaii Sept 2015 on the POWER DAYS!! 

Documenting How to Play in Peace and show you the ripple effects.


****Sat. Sept 19th –To Be at the Volcano Ceremony, Home of Goddess Pele 

****Mon. Sept. 21st-To Be Playing golf on International Peace Day 

****Wed. Sept 23rd –Playing golf  at Changing of the Season ( Fall Equinox, magical portal) 

The problem, we live in a small town in Ontario, Canada, a long way from Hawaii.

Documenting Strings of Pearls, Golf Goddess Yoga World Tours ; Women going on a Spiritual Golf Quest, to these 9 Exotic Lands.

Hawaii. Africa. Scotland. Mexico. Tibet. India. Egypt. Crete.Yukon

Crowdfunding Video

We would love any supporters to donate and receive gifts to improve your golf game

or simply by sharing the social media links below.

We will be updating the progress as we go along 🙂



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A Survivor Story

This survivor story is laid out in an “S” story, perhaps you will see some similarities in your story??

It began by a journey back to Ontario from Vancouver to say our last goodbye’s to my partners father. On our way to his parents house he snapped and surprised me by strangling me in the taxi. He was sent to the hospital and diagnosed with schizophrenia and released to go back to B.C. a few days later…which left me to live in this S story;

An 'S' Story

In the Spring of 2013 I was in shock, scared, scarred, separated, stranded in a sense, with only a suitcase, sadness, stress, shame, strife, struggle, social services, suffering, surrendering, support, shy, sisterhood, shifts, striving, sorrow, set-backs, selfish, stopped, Silence of Social Media, Service, Strong, Spirit, Sharing, Sacred Spaces, Starting from Scratch, Swinging golf clubs, Stillness, Symbols, Study, student again, strength, Signs, Synchronicity, spontaneity, Soul Sisters, stories, Self-Love, Starseeds, Sucks, Sensitivity, Stubborn, Silly, Secrets, Stagnation, searching, safe, secure, single, Smiles, Stretching, Savasana, Singing, settle down, Storytelling, Signals, sorry, sick, satisfied, sympathetic, shadows, structure, steadfastness, Shining, Source, Spirituality, Self-Suffcient, Success, Sensual, Simplify.

In the Summer of 2015, one Sunday on a sweltering night I made a salad and self-sabatoged. An alfalfa Sprout slide half way down my throat Stupid me, I drank some water to wash it down and it lodged deeper so I couldn’t swallow. Thankfully, I had a friend over who literally Saved my life with the heimlich maneuver.


Then I was Shaken, stalled for days, sleeping a lot, shed some more skins, to stand before you as a Survivor.

The Storms of my life brought me on a downward spiral and then back up, delivering me home to my True Self.

I am finally Ready to Speak again, share my Passion and purpose for Being in this world 🙂


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Golf, A Comeback Story

The game of golf and myself, ( as a Golf Goddess), are both making a comeback this year ;0
Golf made its Pan American Games debut, literally in my backyard in Toronto during July. I was excited to be a part of the history in the making and am hopeful that as golf comebacks to re-joining the Olympic program in Rio in 2016, after a 112-year hiatus, it will help grow the game for women.

It was great to see both men and women on the same playing field.

At the same time there was a air, of not many caring. I saw it, in myself after the golfer I wanted to see most dropped out. The 17-year-old Canadian golf star Brook Henderson backed out of the Games, just weeks before. Leaving only one female representative for Canada. I then learned that the golfers who played in the Pam Am, may or may not be in the Olympic’s, then her decision made a bit more sense.

Pan Am at Angus Glen018010014030026024017
Perhaps you have noticed, that I  have been on hiatus myself, after being a prolific blogger and playing daily on social media?

Coming back online feels like I’ve been away, similar to golf  being away from the Olympic’s…okay, I’m stretching it just a bit, but truly,  I’ve been having to re-educate myself with all the technological updates..phew.

The part I found disappointing with the coverage of the Pam Am games, was the lack of stories about the Athlete’s, and without the was all just hohum. This city did not get into it, even though they were trying to pump it up, like when I lived in Vancouver in 2010 and we had the winter Olympic’s.

Why do I bring up the stories? That is how we connect and want to get involved, I sure have an underdog story and it is only my Passion that is Pulling me out again.

My world turned upside down, during these last two years, can anyone else relate?

It was through Play and the support of sisterhood that helped me through and to be brave enough to Share my story of transition. My biggest contribution for sharing my Survivor Story is to bring solace and examples of perhaps a similar story of struggle out for other women.

My intent is to bring this same type of Sisterhood support to the Golf Community .

The story will go on another blog because it is too much to add to this post.

Suffice it to say I have many titles for it;

Starting again from Scratch,


A Survivor Story,


A Super Setback

What it really is, is An “S” story that I’ve been sharing a little bit about on Facebook, now I have over 100 S words and they keep coming…

I would be curious to see what you would name my story?

I found solace in the serenity on the golf courses and by holding tightly to a dream, which is to take women to golf courses of the world.

To read more about merging Pleasure and Play the Goddess way for her new world tours go to

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Golfing Goddesses Travel

It is with Pleasure I announce a long held dream…

A String of Pearls

Exclusively Women, Golf World Tours ….

Hawaii. Africa. Scotland. Greece. Egypt. India. Mexico. Yukon. Nepal. 

 The Why?  To connect Women back to a Sacred Union with Nature, and a Personal Experience of the Goddesses using the Game of Golf!

“Golfing Goddesses”-  It’s all about Connecting

The string of pearls;

Connect with Nature through Golf.

Connect with Yoga to Improve Golf.

Connect the Goddesses to understand Nature.

Connect with Women in sacred space to understand the Goddess.

Connect it all for Awakening Spiritual Growth, to experience Magical, Heart-Centered play.

Questing to Sacred Sites of the Goddesses from the Chapters in the Book to Embody A New Way to Play, The Women’s Way,
Golf as a Soul Walk
Cultivating and Embodying the Goddess Qualities that are found in Nature using the Golf Courses of the World.

Play with Passion! Leave Loving Footprints

Golfing Goddess Journey’s is a Sacred Connections Immersion Program

based on Margarit Brigham’s Book “How to Become a Golf Goddess”


Questing to the Sacred Lands of the Goddesses

 A New Approach to Golf 

 Pleasure and Play is the Goddess Way!

Travel, In Her Name, Heart Based Golf for Awakening Spiritual Growth

Golfing Goddess G.O.L.F = Grace.Oneness.Love.Fun

For Unforgettable Fun on the Fairway’s

A Goddess Yoga and Golf Experience of a Lifetime.


Sacred Play – -Fall in Love with Mother Earth through Golf.

The Devotional path of nature as a spiritual walk, making golf games more magical and awe inspiring.

Additional benefits include,

  • Develop greater intuition
  • Become grounded
  • Puts life and situations into perspective
  • Calms fears through greater connection to the Great Mystery
  • Heals and Blesses

Know yourself Through Nature and the Higher Game of Golf as a mirror to the Soul

You will be travelling with  author Margarit Brigham and Georgina Longbottom her Personal Masseuse and Goddess Co-hort

Margarit and Georgina will unlock the secrets of these extraordinary Goddess Destinations with Goddess Yoga, Yoga for Golf, talks, meditations, rituals and ceremonies. They will guide you as your learn about the enduring significance of creating Sacred space, for Sacred Play during your golf games, and for your own inner journey of transformation. You will travel  with like-minded participants who are sure to become lifelong friends, experiencing the very best culture, history and leave feeling much more connected to the earth than before.

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I got my own #Masters story,working with Greg Norman

I couldn’t have orchestrated my connection back to golf with the timing of Masters week and getting a new website with Greg Norman on the HOME PAGE 

Last year was the first year I missed the action of the #Masters Weekend for the first time in 20 yrs or so.. I was totally offline for a month living on Sun Shine Coast BC for 3 wks then moved to ON

My #Golf Biz took a back seat the past few years as my ‘Passion project:’ #YogaCosmic Breath kept comin on strong

This year I’m in a Company where #golf legend #gregnorman works too. Not just as a sponsor watch video of him 

Greg Norman speaks on OG

I wasn’t Considering a career switch to promote #Healthy #Coffee #OrganoGold. We never know what life has planned

Healthy Black Coffee from OrganoGold gives you energy with no crash or anxiety ..I’ll keep you posted as I try it out first and give my feedback and experience drinking it.

You have to admit Norman still is good looking, what a pleasure to be in the same company as one of the cutest golfers ever!!!!




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